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    For the deficiency of time-card managing outstanding of 100 yuan ($ 14.67), even though the bank credit score cards itself expenses 5 yuan (73 cents).

- For the successfully pass of the day managing punished 200 yuan ($ 29.26), which is the income for 5.5 times.

- For unable to way of the whole team punished. This was particularly frequent in 2007 and 2008.

- One worker was punished for cut handy, which he cut off the sort during the set up of the web camera. He was sent to the medical middle for urgent surgery treatment, but after research it was found that the worker did not do as instructed for using the sort - and was punished 200 yuan, after which - taken. Were also punished the expert and go of the division. Ignored worker was employed again as a protection official.

- Employees get harmed on the job energy usually penalizes always - for YEAHPAD PILLBOX7 A13claimed non-compliance with protection rules.

Factory foods is described as "disgusting." In the cafeteria for morning meal muffin and provides some grain. "After three time, we can drop into a gush starving - said one worker. - 

Now prepared with both types of semiconductors, you can create a transistor by putting a set of either P-N-P or N-P-N. When implementing a managed current in the middle, “electrons will change from the N-type part to the P-type part.” Based on the initial strength of the current and how contaminated the semiconductors are, the transistor will either increase or reduce the current.

At CES, Huawei exposed its new Go up Partner — described to have the biggest display for such a program, a 6.1 inches wide display — as well as an Apple processer and enhanced way of life pattern of battery energy power.The organization also exposed its new leading Go up D2, offering its power-saving and simple discussing potential.The devices are set to be released in Chinese suppliers, with the D2 scheduled for Asia later. But Huawei is also border into the US and other market segments where the outstanding end is covered with Apple's iPhone and Samsung's top variety cell cellular phones.

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