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Ainol AX1

   This product is only 0.75 inches wide comprehensive heavy and is 2.4 body weight. Storage space options involve 128 GB and 256 GB respectively.


Panasonic said that this ruggedized enterprise-grade product is developed for mobile employees in comprehensive variety of sectors from personal businesses to government divisions that offer unrivaled stability in functionality and environment.

This Ms windows Product PC, if it is just merely a display ", then Ainol AX1in use, with the traditional iPad, Android operating system handling system Pad and there is no essential difference between, the advertising workplace experience, there is nothing. Therefore, whether it is Ms or OEM manufacturers, are intelligent enough to decide on a Ms windows Product "deformed" - either in addition to the system of laptops laptop computer or computer key pad can be placed and eliminated, either laptops laptop computer or computer key pad can be invisible, so as to accomplish "Entertainment give up laptops laptop computer or computer key pad, execute connection key pad "purposeWin8 get in touch with customer interface delivers enjoyment have fun with the experience, but also can be used as a traditional laptop computer workplace, this new way of product if you do not put it a new name seems a little bit seem wrong. The apple company has dished out a new concept: the Almighty product. Actually, this name is considered as a outstanding presentation of Win8 flat: a longer period product of brief board "office, enjoyment and workplace in amazing fashionHowever, in CES2013, we saw the Product PC, not just only the Almighty product one kind. The traditional way of product PCs is obviously challenging to definitely take out from the industry, but also is different from the traditional lcd, is also different from the Almighty product "alternative" starting of the new way of product PCs. If this period CES Product PC to do an stock, it is easily obtainable, staying us an in-depth effect on the Product PC, Product definitely not limited to being well-known all-around. Although this way of productMahdi M85 this period to become the overall character, but it could not be invisible by the unique light of the Product PC. Next, let's take a look at, in this period of the CES, has staying us an in-depth effect on those product PCsCES2013 Customer Gadgets Show

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