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      With more and more mature RK3188 master , this powerful chip in the market gradually occupy an important position. 7-inch tablet in the ranks of various chip solution flooded , while the use RK3188 master not many products . Want to have a strong performance and a superior portable tablet as games, video carrier, to PIPO S1Pro meet consumer demand for the product very few. Recently, a 7-inch portable tablet coming out - PiPO S1pro, compared to the previous product , S1pro with its own characteristics and excellent quality close to the public, will be the 7-inch tablet in the game party , party favorite video . Looking at the current 7-inch tablet domestic market, with the dual-core heat gradually subsided, but has a quad-core variety of hot chips winds. Quad-core A7, A5, A9, although all four cores, but their strengths vary. Quad-core A9 is a proven , with high performance and low power consumption. RK3188 chip quad-core A9 architecture, with science -order execution mode , CPU maximum frequency up to 1.8GHz; GPU uses a powerful quad-core ARMMali-400, the highest frequency up to 533MHz. Chips using 28nm process technology, the of power also brings very impressive results for the Tablet 's battery life make an important contribution . S1pro RK3188 using powerful quad-core processor , strong performance, let you enjoy the game world . Appearance , S1pro narrow border design is one of the highlights. Inherent advantages for portable 7-inch tablet , the ultra- narrow frame makes S1pro more compact and can even put men's belt inside . Long grip , will not feel tired , does not take up too much space to carry out . S1pro equipped with the new Android 4.2 smartphone operating system, phase Bian Zhuo 4.0 , Android 4.1 , with more new features , the system is more stable and run more smoothly.

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