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     Retinal flat screen effect has always been known for its excellent win , but in the operational aspects of fluency allows players distress. With the launch of SDK2.0 RK3188 optimization , mainly for high-resolution retina , bringing improved interface operating experience , the game runs smoothly upgrade , web browsing PIPO M6 Quad Core RK3188 Tablet PC 9.7 Inch Retina Screen Android 4.2acceleration and top ten benefits . PiPOM6 uses with superior performance RK3188 quad-core processor , the screen is 2048x1536 resolution retina screen . After upgrading SDK2.0 , M6 's performance in the game how do we first downloaded a racing game : SpeedCar ( Speed ​​Racer ) . Because the retina screen to bring greater pressure on the processor , 9.7 -inch 2048x1536 resolution flat-panel often some Caton , not smooth. M6 on this phenomenon in almost no , SpeedCar course of the game , speed , change lanes are operating freely. Racing games run smoothly , with the tacit understanding between the tablet hardware and software optimization has an important relationship , gameplay feel completely delay , the picture is very smooth. The game requires high for gravity sensing , coupled with product features built-in gyro platinum M6 , so PIPO M6 in the process of mobilizing lane , very sensitive , does not require a substantial deflection plates. Of course, the game is more concise overall picture , you might think this game is not enough ability to fully test the M6 ​​, let's look at another big game .

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