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PIPO M7Pro Quad Core RK3188 Tablet PC 8.9 Inch Android 4.2

       Retina screen tablet mushroomed after another, however, with the vast majority of retinal screen Tablet PC is different chemicals platinum introduced a 8.9 -inch Retina tablet. Piece 8.9 -inch screen with wide viewing angle is Samsung PLS retina screen resolution up to 1920 × 1200. 8.9 inch tablet on the market is less common, what are the characteristics of this product do ? From the exterior to the screen below to see M7pro. Platinum M7pro product appearance touches of bright spots, compared to 9.7 -inch tablet , I feel a big slice of the small , the most obvious feature is about two sides narrowed , looks a lot M7pro delicate screen is just above 2 million pixel PIPO M7Pro front camera and light sensor probes. Light sensor is designed so that the screen is capable of sensing the external lighting conditions and automatically adjust screen brightness , in use , M7pro screen will be some adjustments , the image display to adapt our visual needs. M7pro backplane design and nowadays a lot of different products , first M7pro backplane is not used in the overall shape of the structure, the main part of the backplane with aluminum-magnesium alloy , combined with plastic sides , deliberately leaving a handle shape, and added a floating plastic parts to increase friction , effective non-slip , allowing users to have a better grip feel M7pro various functions designed interface and buttons are concentrated at the top of the fuselage . Feature rich interfaces, in addition to common power key, back key , charger jack , USB jack , a headphone jack and SIM card slot , M7pro also unique HDMI jack , HOST jack and power indicator , especially the power indicator , the to recharge the machine , it can easily remind us of the state of charge in order to avoid overshoot. Rear camera with AF function is 500W pixel camera , the camera next to a flash. This makes M7pro the photographic effect prominent in the automatic capture images at the same time , but also ensures that the environment in low light shooting better . M7pro highlight is the screen resolution of 1920 × 1200, the screen pixel density up to 254ppi, encroaching upon the retina (retina) display accuracy. Higher screen resolution, on this machine , you hardly notice any pixel particles point , the text display is more crisp and clear, richer picture detail . People look, color and strong performance , M7pro screen brightness performance and sense of PIPO M7Pro Quad Core RK3188 Tablet PC 8.9 Inch Android 4.2permeability are in place M7pro piece 8.9 inch Samsung PLS full view retina screen, a nice detail expression. Screen display quite stunning , whether it is the brightness, saturation, color , transparent sense or viewing angles are quite good. Ultra HD resolution 1920 × 1200 can bring you to enjoy the visual feast of luxury , with fast response , blur -free images , response speed uniformity, color no offset , 178 -degree omni- directional visual characteristics, performance beyond most IPS screen . Such a high flat screen configuration , screen where you can bring the same delicate offscreen , restore the true and precise thin screen , feeling unprecedented clarity display.

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