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PIPO M7 3G Quad Core RK3188 Tablet PC 8.9 Inch Android 4.2

     Tablet entertainment applications have been dominant, but with the Tablet PC in everyone more widely used in daily life , for the practical requirements are higher flat . Whether to support GPS function, this requirement also begun to raise tablet . The current domestic market , support GPS function and can accurately locate the PIPO M7 product rare. Commodities platinum carefully debugging and improvement , successfully its first GPS- enabled tablet PiPO M7 presented to consumers . The 8.9 -inch screen with Samsung PLS full HD flat overall performance is the strongest, most versatile products. " Map navigation " for the development of a mobile electronic products map navigation software , with powerful search and route location query function to quickly find restaurants , hotels , banks, supermarkets , shopping malls, gas stations and other facilities around the life , and choose public transportation, driving, walking three kinds of route planning methods . While providing professional real voice navigation, fast and precise will take you to the destination. Tablet PC support GPS function , is still rare, require a higher technical support. GPS module is very sensitive to the immunity requirements are very high. In order to support GPS functionality , quality platinum M7 design engineers have done a lot of adjustment and optimization , especially PIPO M7 3G Quad Core RK3188 Tablet PC 8.9 Inch Android 4.2  electromagnetic shielding design , M7 walking in the forefront of the domestic tablet PCs . M7 GPS function of how it ? We passed a piece of software " map navigation " experience . Actual navigation , M7 installed map navigation software available real-time voice remind route traffic situation , you can also switch to the 3D View . Navigation very convenient. GPS positioning function is not supported tablet only through network positioning , positioning errors are often very large. Built-in GPS functionality M7 positioning is more accurate, more stable signal reception , search speed more quickly. Loading professional navigation map, experience is quite good , 3G version of the M7 allows users in the field can also be via high-speed networks and professional GPS function to locate, do not worry about getting lost.

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