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Card Reader

      With the tablet , smart phones, digital cameras and other consumer products, the popularity of the application of these devices is even higher frequency than almost computer . Equipment and data transfer between devices is also gaining attention , OTG function related products which came into being ! OTG products appear to enable users to get rid of the only use computers to transmit data dilemma. Storage and sharing no longer subject to time, place constraints , the new trend of storage experience a new life . PNY as an internationally renowned storage vendors have recently added to the OTG -enabled mobile accessories , in the introduction OTG adapter, Zaidufali , the grand launch of the first OTG Card Reader - C1! PNY OTG Card Reader C1 from Card Reader the traditional reader monotonous design, with jazz black , sea blue two colors to meet the male and female aesthetic needs of each user . Product simple and elegant , clear. The top is designed to Micro USB interface , support for OTG function with phone and tablet , below is a standard USB connector TF card slot . One-piece , compact chic. PNY C1 reader surface with a white wave pattern design flow line products, thereby adding dynamic and full of fun. White PNY Logo with corrugated echoes hot pursuit of fashion trend. Lightweight portable PNY C1 reader reversing a new era , so no blank memories of youth , enjoy instant storage . PNY C1 reader support OTG interface for Micro USB port and have a mobile device , the TF card into the device , the use of OTG function, can connect with the smart phone , transfer files directly between them easily expand mobile capacity share files , a new smartphone partner. Away from home, but also the capacity to carry more than one memory card , push the yellow lever , you can easily take out the card , free replacement , easier to use . PNY C1 reader more can instantly transform U disk, straight into your desktop PC or laptop 's USB slot , instantly access the file. PNY OTG Card Reader C1 lightweight and portable, without through any external power supply, support plug and play. For the USB 2.0 specification interface, compatible with smart phones Android 4.0 or later, to meet the daily needs of mobile devices to connect . From the date of purchase , PNY C1 readers enjoy one year warranty service , make you feel at ease to use . PNY OTG Card Reader C1 directly into the phone not only can be used as a card reader, multiple cards can be easily changed , transformed into a variety of capacity U disk . C1 reader not only the most popular 3C small objects , but also your smart phone a new partner , with your mobile entertainment easy to play !

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