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      Smart wearable devices is no longer a concept product, it has begun into people's lives at present , the market has to buy as Chi z1 watch this full sense of technology smart watch. z watch was introduced this year by the Chi a smart watch , in addition to a refined appearance , but returned to the user with smart phone brings powerful features comparable Chi z watch smart watch uses 1.54 inches tftlcd color display, support multi-touch , has a long life , low power consumption advantages ; case zwatch in standby is a staggering 18,000 minutes , up to 12 half days of standby time, while do -weather sports Tick and sleep quality analysis . In addition, it can be connected to the phone via Bluetooth , can synchronize phone data, including text messaging and contacts , as well as news alerts , such as Sina microblogging , micro-channel , call reminders and SMS reminders . This way you no matter what the occasion , is not necessary to worry about missing any important information or call it. Smart Devices zwatch joined the intelligent voice recognition cloud platform , without typing , without having to manually search without even opening the application software, you can remote control through voice to your smart device , Smart Devices zwatch to have a " can hear say " function, only with " mouths " to watch issued Shi orders , you can search through the network page , check the weather , hotels , flights, stocks and other services. The prospects are very bright smart watches , no matter how the future development of the smart watch , at least now we have been able to experience a substantial smart watches , smart watches as pioneer of Smart Devices z watch in function or to meet the needs of the present , z1 only has light and stylish design .

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