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WIFI Cell Phone

        Wi-Fi signals can be converted to electrical energy future of mobile uninterruptible power ] Duke University study materials using simple circuit board , microwave signals can be converted to 7.3V of power. Transmit wireless signals can be converted to electrical energy sources , such as wireless router , cell phone towers , and even drifting satellites. If it is built in the phone , it is everywhere available Wi-Fi signals and cell phone signals to charge it in addition to multi- device access , OpenGarden there are several advantages . Its founder Micha Benoliel told me that it can achieve multi -channel network access . Now most of the device can only access the network through a single channel , such as when the phone is connected to Wi-Fi when it can no longer use the 3G/4G network ; Or when you are around a lot of Wi-Fi hotspots , you only can be connected to one . But OpenGarden can achieve simultaneous multi-channel access network , which would allow the connection speed and stability are greatly enhanced. Even if one channel fails, the user can connect to the network through other channels , are not affected.

Even when a network signal is not good , OpenGarden will automatically find around other network and establish a connection . So, when you can not find the network device , you can find other installed OpenGarden equipment, thus forming a device in the chain , the final network.

Speaking , OpenGarden than millet Wi-Fi passwords Share flee farther forward , it even bypassing the password to connect through this part of the device is connected directly to the surrounding network . In I asked Micha, once OpenGarden massive popularity , this approach will also encounter many Wi-Fi provides merchants protest , Micha no positive answer, he said , OpenGarden is to make the network become more open , which is a right thing . Moreover, with the increase of users , they will consider the establishment of credit system to manage access permissions.

However, Micha them, these disputes are still too far away, they now face the biggest challenge but from the operator. Once you start sharing networks , carriers traffic revenue will undoubtedly be affected.

In fact , this is not alarmist , has reacted to the operator , including one of the major U.S. carriers AT & T. When I try to download from Google Play installation , I AT & T became clear pop-up notification on your phone , my carrier does not allow users to use this service. So in the end I can only download the APK package way to use .

But Micha think , like VoIP technology as carriers figured sooner or later . Because OpenGarden for operators but is beneficial , it allows more devices to access the Internet , and extended networking time, which will help operators could sell more traffic , more efficient use of existing infrastructure facilities , training loyal users. He cited that the fact that 75% of AT & T customers to buy far more than they need traffic , such as last year , but only 9 % of users bought a 4G traffic package, but to the third quarter , this proportion increased to 22% . OpenGarden to do was to help operators to balance , and he also revealed , and Europe has a "more visionary " carriers begin to discuss cooperation.

Micha said they plan to apply for OpenGarden remain free , profit model is and operators , OEM providers and enterprises for authorization or cooperation . He believes that they can help customize OEM supplier of technology to improve the device's network connection configuration , or and businesses , providing them with a more stable and secure network.

For OpenGarden is how to achieve network sharing , Micha did not reveal too much, just say yes via Bluetooth and P2P technologies. However, compared with the traditional Bluetooth technology , it is very low power consumption, and does not require user configuration , easier to use

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