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     Someone once the car classified as " third grade machine" , this judgment into it now appears, presumably most of the fans are unable to agree , however Imagine that in -car entertainment system is not yet born in that era , a purely driving machine manipulation really need everything done by people , people also need to spend dozens of hours before receiving driver training in order to ensure that their operations are safe, no one seems to really be so everyday tools needed to cause people's attention, so it seems it does not "higher ." But with the 1970s electronic technology in the automotive industry , the rapid development and now the birth of high-tech systems such as artificial intelligence , the car is no longer a pure driving partner , and more have their own subjective judgment and to provide assistance in our daily lives , and this one had mentioned a technique is the car navigation system. Car navigation system is specifically designed for automotive use a satellite positioning system, typically built-in GPS positioning means , by searching the map database to determine the background position information of the driver , and through the road database , the route guidance to the destination given , Tenth "speech • Difference" column, we look at the evolution of car navigation systems . In fact, car navigation systems is accompanied by some of the features of the auxiliary automotive entertainment systems development and produce, but also the development prospects of the relevant market as a probe of an experimental expansion. Most of the vehicle navigation technology enlightenment in the 1970s , when the microprocessor has just started, electronic technology became technological development of beach-goers , some car manufacturers began to try to install in the car navigation system, and improve them through computer software , and more professional navigation techniques are the basis of progress, along with some new algorithms , system architecture and hardware innovation , car navigation systems since the late 1980s began to appear on the CD-ROM for the map database carrier color display. But because of the special nature of software , is not good to determine who first invented commercial use car navigation systems, we can pass some typical cases, to glimpse Evolution car navigation technology .

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