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Hardware, Meizu MX3 has adopted a superior performance of the eight -core processor clocked at 1.6GHz , equipped with Android-based Flyme 3.0 operating system, the control performance is very good. Meizu MX3 fuselage is a 5.1 inches capacitive touch screen with a resolution of up to 1800x1080 pixels stunning level display is quite delicate. In addition, it also uses the 8000000 +200 megapixel camera with support LED fill light, shooting ability is very strong. Meizu MX3 continuation of the previous generation of the overall design style, using 5.1 inches 1800x1080 resolution screen produces sharp , equipped with a clock speed of 1.6GHz Samsung Exynos 5410 dual quad -core processors , is a strong strong machine -made , the current the phone in the business network linking Zhengzhou offer for 2750 yuan , like friends can focus the next . Meizu MX3 using Samsung Exynos 5410 dual quad -core processor, clocked at 1.6GHz, with 2GB of memory to run , powerful , can run smoothly everyday applications and large game . 5.1 inch IPS multi-touch screen with a resolution of 1800x1080, with a very fine display , with integrated full- lamination technique , TOL single glass touch solutions , PSR screen refresh saving technology since . Meizu MX3 dual camera design , front 200 pixels main camera 800w pixels , with real-time filters , real-time echo panoramic camera , gyroscopes focus , HDR Wide Dynamic , face recognition, gesture picture functions . The machine built- in 16GB storage space, does not support memory cards. A 2400mAh internal battery is not removable design. In addition it also has three wheat noise reduction system , dual power management chip , inertial navigation and other features. Is standing on all aspects of the industry's leading mobile phone . nubia Z5S back design hardware configuration , nubia Z5S using a 5 inches 1080p (1920 × 1080 pixels ) level Sharp display, the screen more realistic color reproduction . 13 million pixel camera lens stack areas , nubia Z5S with 500 -megapixel front +1300 megapixel rear lens combination , rear lens with stack design, it not only has a large f/2.2 aperture, also supports the focus metering separation , multiple exposure and other advanced camera features , performance comparable SLR cameras.

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