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USB PC Camera

       For the principle of the device , Meizhong Lei explained that the instrument can detect objects found , is because the object blocking the light and other electromagnetic waves pass. And this " invisibility cloak " With the deployment of active equipment around objects , changing the route propagation of electromagnetic waves , so that electromagnetic waves are bent for diffraction propagation . "This process , it is like the stream of flowing water , through a stone , it will move around the stone and then closed as not encountered stone ." Meizhong Lei "China Science News" reporter said that the process makes detection equipment mistakenly believe that there are no objects blocking electromagnetic waves, thus achieving the object of the "invisible ."

Alternatively, the device can also be adjusted by the active device and the dynamic control. Assuming the use of this device in the ground , the user can make the hidden objects on the surface appear to be other objects , thus achieving active control camouflage.

According to reports , the current invisibility cloak only for electromagnetic waves in a certain frequency bands in small, stationary objects , visible from achieving conditions can hide the body size of the items functions far away. But in the future , mature electromagnetic invisibility cloak technology will be widely used in national defense, bio- electrical impedance tomography , earth resource exploration , underground / underwater inspection, target areas such as hiding and camouflage . OPPO products in the various details have been more thoughtful consideration , I still remember its first smartphone OPPO X903 triangle dimensional packaging it ? Two years later, in the field of smart phones have a certain accumulation OPPO did not use unconventional packaging, but more calm and rational , simple white plastic box excellent texture , consistent with the temperament of the product itself , gives the first a good impression .

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