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       Google has just released late last month of a new generation Nexus 7 Tablet PC , the new product more light, the screen resolution is greatly improved, still from ASUS OEM , priced from $ 229 .

But several users recently pointed out that their presence Nexus 7 GPS failure. One of the users said , Nexus 7 can successfully open the GPS function, and can be connected to satellites, but in the use of 10 to 30 minutes later, it will suddenly be automatically disconnected. There are even a user that connected two minutes off . Although experienced navigator old driver who uses small, but often away from home for a friend who can do more with less. The Newman T700 GPS navigator with maps using the Kay Rucker map + travelers map , two kinds of maps, easily updated , and the map information is also very comprehensive. Currently this Newman (newsmy) T700 GPS navigator in Shijiazhuang Ji photoelectron offer for 499 yuan , like friends can learn more about it. Lenovo Music Phone A798t with a common straight-touch design , the overall shape and has a good sense of fashion is simple . Has a sleek and stylish appearance, simple and stylish body , feel good. Positive with 4.5 inches large screen high-definition dazzling , unique happiness Clover page resolution WVGA -level 854X4880 pixels, the display is more clear....

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