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Card Reader

       Line TY-023 mouse function laser pointer although petite but powerful and comprehensive design fashion, simple, convenient and flexible operation, red also has excellent performance, the mouse track ball function, suitable for daily business office and meeting requirements of the occasion. Now TY-023 mouse function laser pointer promotion in TY-023 mouse function laser pointer shape and small size, full functions powerful, transmitter receiver weight is only 21g, weight is 5g, ABC shell with plastic material comfort. It adopts the integral design, clever the receiver and transmitter are combined into a whole, save space and increase the product easy to carry, prevent the loss of spare parts. At the same time, large TY-023 mouse function laser pointer set the previous product advantage, support the function of rich and practical support, air mouse, touch screen support, but also has the function of mouse track ball, very practical. We introduce a lot of desktop 2.1 speakers, most of them are using external audio devices to play music, then introduce the cruiser R326P desktop 2.1 speakers, especially on the box body design of the USB interface, can be connected to the U disk read audio files, listen more freely, and rushes shocks sound effect, is absolutely your desktop listening friends. At present, the speaker at the Zhongguancun e World Digital Plaza, three layer "Walkman" counters for sale, the price is 289 yuan, interested friends can go to shop to buy.

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