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Laser Projection Keyboard

     In the creative imagination, laser projection keyboard South Korean some company launched the greater is the principle, the keyboard is very simple -- is through the laser projection of a full keyboard, you can through the virtual keyboard typing work completed. This set is mainly composed of laser light and a camera, wherein laser light used to release the laser flat on the desktop, and the camera is used to capture the user's hand movements. It does not take up too much space and can complete real-time rendering a full keyboard function, however, laser projection keyboard there is no real tactile feedback, this may be one of the people who use it to the biggest obstacle, but it's creative spirit is worth affirmation.

Of course, the keyboard is not only the world above, more and more advanced in science today, more and more creative and intelligent keyboard appear in front of users, like a blanket can easily folding soft keyboard, can be tied on the arm wrist keyboard, to some extent alleviate fatigue proof keyboard fatigue...... There is no best, only better, so it is in the world the keyboard. OFweek laser net news: early in January 31st this year, apple won a laser depth identification technology, between measurement and distance of the object and the object depth by laser and image sensor. Apple the patent applications in virtual keyboard and camera automatic focusing technique.

Apple the patent lists a series to the application of the technology of scene. For example, the system can create a two-dimensional representation for the surface chart, or a particular object. In addition, the system can embed computers or mobile devices, such as apple iPhone. The invention can also "apple and projection control panel with" used to create the virtual keyboard or other virtual control equipment, such as specific spectral projected onto the object surface.

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