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Digital Cameras

      Panasonic GF6 also increased under low irradiance ability to focus, and continue to use fast AF focusing system. By the previous generation models in. At the same time, it also increased for shooting video of the full time AF auto focus and focus tracking function, and further improve the Panasonic GF6 video shooting ability, expanding the range of use. Especially the 180 degree flip screen added, in a low camera more freely. At present Panasonic GF6 officially listed. Panasonic GF6 on GF series compact fashion features at the same time, its appearance is also compared to before the two generation of GF3 and GF5 had little change, top round forehead becomes slightly flat, transformed by the lovely for elegant style. In the performance, Panasonic GF6 using the new Live 16000000 pixel MOS sensor, high control noise performance using the new developed Venus image engine can achieve better, and the range of sensitivity also fell to ISO 160 to ISO 25600 (extended mode).

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