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USB PC Camera

     Large screen mobile phone we how to choose? This is a very tangled things for many consumers, selection of large screen may be under a lot of performance? Wrong. HTC One Max tell you you can not only bigger screen, its comprehensive performance did do a job with skill and ease. In the camera, HTC One Max remains the most distinctive 4000000 camera. Don't look at the pixel is low, the photographic effect even better than many mainstream 13000000 pixel mobile phone. HTC One Max is equipped with a 5.9 inch capacitive touch screen, resolution of 1920x1080 pixels Full HD level. The  hardware aspect, this machine adopts a Qualcomm snapdragon quad core processor, memory operation is equipped with 2GB, and with Android intelligent operating system, UI is using the latest Sense 5.5 UI. Mobile phone main camera is 4000000 pixels Ultrapixel super pixels camera, shooting effect is very good. In addition, still underneath the camera also joined the fingerprint identification, handling experience better. HTC One Max is more suitable for large screen mobile phone users like male, female words small make up a sentence: This machine is really big, small hand with doesn't really fit. Fingerprint identification system, this machine also has the popular, although the function of daily application may be relatively narrow, change an angle to think, better than nothing,

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