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    Red mobile phone appearance look more "sharp", the front has a 4.7 inch IPS screen, resolution of 1280X720 pixels of the HD level, showing the effect is also very good. In the core is MT6589T quad core processor with MediaTek a frequency of 1.5GHz, and 1GB RAM+4GB ROM combination of memory. The back is provided with a 8000000 pixel post lens, including LED light, a 1300000 pixel camera self timer used for and the corresponding. Sony L36h gives the first impression is solid and tough, as a three intelligent machine, its shape slightly founder, around the corner, seam have made special treatment, in the hands of the feeling is very reliable. The front fuselage is equipped with a 5 inch capacitive touch screen, resolution up to 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixel) level, the display effect is very clear. At the same time, back with a 13000000 pixel camera, taking pictures with satisfactory results. The mobile version of red mobile phone finally rational price regression, although the worse then one hundred yuan. Because many people know the website in the millet mobile phone, mobile phone at the official quoted price is 799 yuan, but because the purchase, need to make an appointment with code to panic buying, so many people can afford to buy red mobile phone, straight body design simple and mainstream the millet low-cost mobile phone is very popular, today I will introduce to you the millet rice with the appearance of mobile phone design gorgeous, strong internal configuration, the flow speed, are consumers favorite spot.

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