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Soulycin S8

     Suo Lixin (dual core S8 Extreme Edition) the 7 inch capacitive touch screen, 1024x600 resolution, has the extremely display exquisite, whole body looks very delicate, mainly in general 7 inch flat screen frame relative to narrow lot, equipped with a 1.6GHz high pass snapdragon 8225a dual core processor, with 512MB memory operation and 4G storage capacity, maximum support 32GB capacity expansion, also built-in dual camera, support 720p video playback and recording 720p video, built-in sound chip, running Android 4.1 smooth, while supporting Mobile 3G (TD-SCDMA), China Unicom 3G (WCDMA) network model, excellent comprehensive property. The famous domestic flat-panel manufacturers Suo Lixin listed S8 dual core Elite Edition 3G call flat wide attention, has become the most popular discussion boutique 3G call plate. Suo Lixin dual core S8 Elite Edition 7 inch portable size design based on 9.7 dimensions, compared to 8, there are more portable, convenient we carry but not becoming a burden, coupled with exquisite and beautiful appearance very provoking love; in terms of hardware with the MTK6517 dual core programs mature, high frequency of 1GHz 1MB, level two cache, fully meet our daily application requirements, GPU core for PowerVRSGX531, performance is not weak, able to cope with the current mainstream 3D game. Another characteristic of cable Lixin dual core S8 Elite Edition is support for 3G communication function, can also insert the two SIM mobile phone card, dual sim card dual standby mode, flat and the integration of the dual card dual standby mobile phone functions, a dual-purpose machine, practicality strong. Suo Lixin dual core S8 Elite Edition because so many features to attract users, so users are recommended for the most recent 7 inch 3G call is worth to buy flat. Such a good mobile phone screen plate, the effect how?

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