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Soulycin S8

      With a tablet computer market growing, flat products appeared divided in many species, from the inside to the outside gradually appeared of different level of product. Divided from the appearance, with a 7 inch 1- inch to the panel, from the system including Android, iOS and Windows. From the function can also be divided into the Wifi version and 3G version, flat and non flat phone call. This process of stepwise refinement is the final trend of the whole industry chain development, the flat panel industry to do more and more detailed. Dual card dual standby phone flat appearance, is calling a flat essential. Today I brought the Suo Lixin dual core S8 extreme II is a dual card dual function plate, exactly how we see at a glance. Suo Lixin dual core S8 extreme II with MediaTek dual core MTK6577 chip solutions, support dual sim card, can use Unicom 3G card or 2G card in mobile wireless internet. The machine is currently the official price 99 yuan, has a certain price or, in accordance with the consistent style of Suo lixin. Below we have a look together how this machine performance. Suo Lixin dual core S8 extreme II uses a 7 inch screen, 1024*600 resolution. Whole body look very small and exquisite, the main reason lies in the common 7 inch flat screen frame relative to narrow a lot, but not to the body thickness of 10 mm is to enhance an important factor in visual sense of slim. In addition, Suo Lixin dual core S8 extreme II tegmental by processing the metal wiredrawing, rather than piano paint, can effectively prevent the breeding of fingerprint. Suo Lixin dual core S8 extreme II single weight measured less than 300g, which for a main communication function of plate is very important. Because the phone means that in most cases the user to use a single hand held last long in the ear, if the over weight will soon put the arm fatigue. The 293g component of the author in his hand even for a long time will not feel tired

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